Product Overview

A low-profile model available in four widths

  • Includes graphic 0.85m/1m/1.5m/2m wide × 2m high (850mm/1000mm/1500mm/2000mm × 2000mm)
  • Bespoke-printed graphic printed on 400gsm anti-curl, anti-scuff, anti-glare SoFlat
  • Graphic pulls up from the front of the unit for floor-to-rail visibility
  • Adjustable feet for levelling
  • 18mm high-spec part-bungee, part-telescopic pole
  • Universal rail with secure end caps
  • High-spec padded bag with hard sides

The price of our roller banners are the same when ordering 1 or 20 so that you don't miss out on our low prices when ordering a single unit

Profit Potential

Viper 850

Internet PriceAverageLocal Retail
Your Profit+£25.00+£35.00+£45.00

Viper 1000

Internet PriceAverageLocal Retail
Your Profit+£35.00+£45.00+£55.00

Viper 1500

Internet PriceAverageLocal Retail
Your Profit+£50.00+£60.00+£70.00

Viper 2000

Internet PriceAverageLocal Retail
Your Profit+£70.00+£80.00+£90.00

What You Get

  • A Viper roller banner unit with either 850mm, 1000mm, 1500mm or 2000mm wide, bespoke-printed graphic attached and rolled within the unit
  • Snap-clip top rail, attached to banner
  • Support pole for Viper roller banner graphic
  • 1 year warranty (30 day full-warranty, 'return-to-base warranty' thereafter)
  • Carry bag


NameViper 850Viper 1000Viper 1500Viper 2000
Overall Width895mm1045mm1545mm2045mm
Overall Height2030mm2030mm2030mm2030mm
Overall Depth200mm200mm200mm200mm
Graphic Width850mm1000mm1500mm2000mm
Graphic Height2150mm2150mm2150mm2150mm
Visible Graphic Width850mm1000mm1500mm2000mm
Visible Graphic Height2000mm2000mm2000mm2000mm

The Roller Banner Market

The market for roller banners is very large and lucrative, but a quick look online will illustrate a huge difference in prices and specifications. How do you price your products to be competitive?

Some retailers will show a budget roller banner at around the £50 mark, some with free delivery - how can they do this? Easy, have a look at the graphic panel specification and you'll see they are using standard PVC. However, change the material to a lay-flat, light-stop graphic and the price increases significantly. There are a number of problems with using standard PVC: firstly the graphic will not sit flat as shown in their pictures, it will curl quite dramatically on the left and right-hand edges. Also, if there's any light behind the unit, you'll see the shadow of the pole running down the centre of the graphic, rendering the unit as good as unusable.

All of our roller banners are printed onto our grey-backed SoFlat, light-stop material whether the unit is a budget Raptor or a premium Frontier. In addition, all of our roller banner graphics are printed on our Vutek GSs, which are the large-format equivalent of a Rolls Royce, so our print quality is always superb.

  • 850mm Viper Low-Profile Roller Banner
  • 850mm Viper Low-Profile Roller Banner
  • 1000mm Viper Low-Profile Roller Banner
  • 1500mm Viper Low-Profile Roller Banner
  • 2000mm Viper Low-Profile Roller Banner
  • Viper Base and Pole
  • Viper Pole and Top Rail
  • Viper Top Rail End Cap
  • Viper Base and Graphic
  • Viper Base
  • Viper Pole Ends
  • Viper Pole Joint
  • Viper Carry Bag

Artwork Templates

850mm × 2150mm Roller Banner Template
1000mm × 2150mm Roller Banner Template
1500mm × 2150mm Roller Banner Template
2000mm × 2150mm Roller Banner Template

These templates will help you create your design at the correct size, shape and proportion for the Viper Roller Banner, and are setup at 20% scale of full size.

The bottom 30mm area (150mm at full size) must only be used for background colours/images or left blank. This section will be hidden and rolled into the unit mechanism. Your 2150mm tall design should bleed at least a third of the way into this area to allow for any height variance of the unit and prevent any white edge showing.

Please allow a 6mm (30mm at full size) quiet area for any important content from the very top of the artwork (see guide). This will ensure the top metal rail doesn't interfere with your design.

For our InDesign, Illustrator and EPS templates, instructions are located off-page on a separate, locked layer. However, our PDF templates show instructions within the page.

When supplying your print-ready artwork, please follow our artwork requirements.

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