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Frequently Asked Questions


  • How can I order from you?

    The best way to order from us is through this website. This ensures all details are processed accurately and quickly.

    Alternatively, you can email us with your order, though please be sure to include all details relating to banner sizes, finishes, quantities, artworks and delivery address. Please note, by emailing us your order, you automatically accept the Venture Display Limited Terms and Conditions and Venture Banners Artwork Requirements.

  • How do you take payment?

    We take payments online via our website as part of the checkout process. Payments can also be made separately over the phone if you prefer - this option can be chosen during checkout.

    For online and telephone payments, we accept credit/debit cards (Visa and Mastercard). We also accept bank transfers, though funds must clear before we are able to process an order.

    Card payments are securely processed by our payment gateway, Stripe.

    Card details are not handled by our server, and cannot be stored by us. Both our website and any information transmitted between your web browser and Stripe uses modern security and cryptography (TLS 1.2+) to protect your details and payment information.

    See Stripe's User Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

    If your company has a credit account with us, your order will be processed automatically (subject to our terms) and invoiced soon after your delivery date.

  • What's your turnaround time?

    In the vast majority of cases, our turnaround time is 3-4 working days. Our turnaround time begins when order details, payment and artwork are confirmed and received. Please note that some materials and products require a longer turnaround time. Turnaround time can be affected by artwork and payment related issues, for which we cannot be held responsible.

  • Can I book my printing slot in advance if I order early?

    While we are able to take your order in advance, we cannot pre-book printing days. This is due to the nature of our business, how artworks are processed together and the print volumes we deal with in our short turnaround time.

  • Can I get my order turned around quicker? I'm happy to pay more.

    Sometimes we may be able to help in this regard and bring your order forward onto the end of another print-run. Please note, this service is not always available and is subject to a charge of £20 or 20% of the order value (whichever is greater).

  • I need my order delivered to more than one address, can you do that?

    We can deliver to more than one address, however each delivery address requires its own order and delivery charge.

  • If I place an order to a certain delivery address, then place another order shortly after to the same delivery address, can you merge the two orders to save on delivery costs?

    Due to our processes, we cannot merge two separate orders. On occasion, if the circumstances are ideal; which depends on dispatch date, how far along production of the first order is, size of the items, item substrates, how far apart the orders were placed and other workflow factors, we may in certain cases be able to help.

    However, this is often not possible, and we recommend grouping all items with the same delivery address and placing them as one single order with us. This minimises complexity and risk of complications, and ensures the delivery costs will be kept as low as possible for you.

  • Is there any way I can get a discount?

    As our prices are based on fixed costings and low margins, we can’t offer discounts on most orders. If however, you have an enquiry for a very large order (typically 100m2 and above), please let us know and we might be able to help you with a bespoke quote.

    Sometimes, we may offer discounts on packs of products or as part of a marketing campaign - keep an eye out for them.

  • My order has been processed by your Sales/Studio teams, but I need to change details or artwork(s), can you help?

    It depends on what details need to change and at what stage the order is.

    Delivery details can usually be changed at any point prior to dispatch, but please let us know as soon as possible.

    An artwork can only be changed prior to printing, and only if the item or order is not too far into our production queue. If an artwork change is needed, please contact us as soon as possible to stand the best chance.

    Please note, due to the way we nest many customer artworks together to maximise material print runs and reduce material wastage, it may not be possible to change item details and artwork(s) after out studio teams have prepared and queued it for production.


  • How do I setup my artwork for one of your products/units/stands?

    We supply InDesign, Illustrator, EPS and PDF templates for nearly all of our products. These can be downloaded from each respective product page.

    The templates are generic and not branded/identifiable as originating from Venture Banners, so you can safely pass them on to your customers.

    Most templates are setup at 20% of full size, and all artworks should be supplied as per our artwork requirements. The scale of our templates should not be altered.

  • Do you charge extra/more if I supply multiple artworks?

    No, we do not charge more for different designs. You can supply one design to be printed fifty times, or fifty designs to be printed once each - the cost remains the same.

  • How much room should I leave for hems and eyelets?

    We recommend leaving at least 60mm space in from the edge of your design for important content such as text or logos.

  • What is a 'quiet area'?

    This is an area of your design that should be used for background imagery and colours only. This can serve two purposes:

    • Allows the fitment of our products such as roller banner rails/units, and graphic finishing such as pole pockets and flag hems without these interfering or overlapping important elements of your design, such as text and logos
    • Can provide a continuation of your design in areas where the graphic may not be easily seen, such as end panels of our Pop-Ups
  • Can you print Pantone colours?

    While we can't print Pantone colours themselves, we can print artwork containing Pantone colours. Our systems will try to match the Pantone colours in your artwork as closely as attainable. However, we must be notified of these when placing your order and these must be included within your artwork. Please note, we cannot guarantee accurate replication of all Pantones.

    If you require a printed sample before placing an order, please speak to one of our sales team who can arrange this for you.

  • How do I allow room for pole pockets?

    These can be very confusing, so we've created a guide on how to setup artwork for pole pockets.

  • How do I send you my artwork? Can I email it?

    As we deal with hundreds of large files each day, we have a restriction on file size for attachments sent via email, so we kindly ask that you supply any artwork via our artwork upload service. This ensures that we receive your artwork and prevents delays. Artwork sent via email will often not reach us and can delay orders.

  • Do I have to use your artwork upload service?

    While we prefer files to be sent this way, you are welcome to provide your artwork via another hosted service such as WeTransfer, TransferNow, TransferXL etc. If you already have your link ready, you can enter this when placing your order.

    If you are sharing your artwork with us via Dropbox, please note that we do not use a Dropbox account to accept files. Instead, please share a download link to your file(s)/folder by following Dropbox's instructions.

  • How many eyelets do you put in?

    Our standard distribution of eyelets is one per metre. If you require a different distribution or specific placement of eyelets, that’s no problem at all - simply let us know what you need when you place your order.

  • Do you keep hold of artworks from my past orders?

    If you uploaded your artwork to us via WeTransfer or YouSendIt, the link will remain active for one month. While we don’t keep these files on record, we do keep the processed files from our studio, though these will contain additional items such as hem and eyelet indicators as well as order identification information.

  • Do you supply proofs?

    We cannot provide digital proofs prior to printing. We can sometimes provide printed proofs, but these are usually reserved for large orders and are supplied at our discretion.

  • Do you add any form of identification to the banners?

    We do add a small amount of information to the rear of our hemmed PVC banners, but not on trimmed-to-size graphics. This information is not identifiable or branded as originating from Venture Banners. The information generally consists of the target dispatch day, order number and quantity required, and sometimes includes finishing notes.

    This text is purely to aid our production staff in collating and packing your order. We ensure that this text is only ever included on the rear of your graphic(s) and will never be seen from the front.

  • Can you make changes to my artwork?

    If an artwork has been supplied in an editable fashion (with text outlined etc), we may be able to make a minimal modification for you. However, substantial changes will require a studio fee of £30.

  • Will you let me know if there's something wrong with my artwork?

    If artwork cannot be used to produce what has been ordered, we will advise you of this and request how you would like to proceed.

    Please note that we cannot be held responsible for issues contained in the supplied artwork itself such as spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, RGB colour mode, overprint, resolution, missing fonts and missing images. To avoid these issues, please ensure your artwork adheres to our artwork requirements.

    If an artwork size is different to the ordered size, the ordered size always takes precedence. This is due to the fact that artworks from our customers are supplied in a variety of scales.

    With subjective issues of quality such as image resolution, we will sometimes advise you if the quality is extremely low, though again, we cannot be held responsible if the artwork is supplied in such a manner and isn’t suitable for your needs.


  • Do you send out packages as plain-label?

    Yes, all our consignments are sent out as plain label and show no mention of Venture Display Ltd or Venture Banners. No paperwork or delivery notes are included.

  • Can you deliver direct to my customer?

    Yes, we can delivery to any UK address you require.

  • How much does delivery cost?

    Delivery cost depends on the size of your order and whether you require any timed deliveries from our couriers. Please refer to our delivery page for full information.

  • How long will delivery take?

    Consignments sent from us use a next-day service, however Scotland and some remote areas of the UK may require an additional day to arrive.

  • What couriers do you use?

    We use several couriers, but usually TNT.

  • Will you give me consignment information?

    Currently, tracking information is available only on orders sent from our main production facility. If this information is available, it will be emailed to you when your order is dispatched from us.

  • What should I do if my package looks damaged when it’s delivered?

    Please make sure that you sign for the consignment as damaged, otherwise it can be very difficult for us to claim back from the courier and resupply you with the goods.

  • Can I pick up my order from you?

    For the vast majority of orders, you will be able to collect from our main production facility in Braintree, Essex if you would like to. You can choose the collection option when going through our checkout, but please bear in mind that some items cannot be collected, in which case we will advise you.

    For orders you are collecting from us, we will notify you once your order is ready to be collected. Please note that this may be at any point during the day.

Billing and payment

  • What are your payment terms?

    For full details, please refer to our order terms.

    For customers that do not have a credit account with us, payment is required before any artwork is processed or any production can begin.

    For customers with a credit account, payment is required 30 days from date of invoice. Invoices are sent out as emails shortly after delivery of your order. Account statements are sent as emails once per month.

    Late payment fees of £15 or %15 of the invoice value (whichever is greater) are applicable. We reserve the right to suspend or rescind credit accounts if our terms are not met.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    For online and telephone payments, we accept credit/debit cards (Visa and Mastercard). We also accept bank transfers, though funds must clear before we are able to process an order.

    Orders from customers with a credit account will be automatically processed (subject to an agreed credit limit and any outstanding credit), then invoiced after the order has been delivered.

  • What do you do with my payment details?

    If we take your payment details over the phone, and once your payment has been processed, we immediately and securely destroy any card details.

  • How do you invoice me?

    Paid invoices are sent via email to customers that have already paid for their order. This will be sent shortly after approx. delivery date.

    Customers with a credit account are sent invoices via email shortly after approx. delivery date.

  • Can you deal with a separate accounts department or office instead of me?

    Yes, simply let us know the details of your accounts department by contacting our accounts department.

  • Can I setup a credit account with you?

    You may apply for a credit account with us via the credit account application page. Credit accounts and limits are granted or denied at our discretion and are subject to a credit check.

  • How do I contact your Accounts department?

    Our accounts department can be contacted via email on [email protected], and via telephone on 01376 340584. The accounts department is open from 9am–3pm Monday–Friday.

Marketing and advertising

  • Can I use images of your products?

    Yes, you are welcome to use our product images in your own marketing and advertising. High-resolution versions can be downloaded from our marketing resources page.

  • Can I use your photos?

    Yes, you can use these in your own marketing and advertising. These are available from our marketing resources page.


  • I have a query or question, how should I contact you?

    If your query is regarding a quote, our products, a possible order, or an existing order, please email [email protected] or call 01376 340584.

    If your query is regarding artwork for an existing order, please email [email protected] or call 01376 336976.


  • Do you offer reprints/replacements/refunds?

    In the event of misproduction, faulty products or damage during delivery, we are able to resupply affected items. Please note that we usually require a photo of any items in question before we can resupply them.

    If items have been delivered and signed for as received in good condition and damaged during transit, or damaged as a result of opening, mishandling, mistreatment, vandalism, heavy weather conditions or other circumstances out of our control, we are unable to offer reprints, replacements or refunds.

    In most cases, and damage caused during delivery must be reported to us immediately, This will allow us to make a claim with the courier company in question. If there is any delay to the report, a claim may not be possible.

  • Do you fit banners?

    We don’t offer this service ourselves so we’d recommend finding a fitting service in your local area.


  • I'm having trouble receiving your system emails. How do I allowlist them?

    To ensure our system emails (emails relating to your account and orders) are delivered to you, the following dedicated IP address, domain names and email addresses can be allowlisted by IT administrators:

    Dedicated IP Address:

    Domain names:

    These email addresses should be also be allowlisted or added to your address book:
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

  • You aren't receiving my emails. How do I make sure you can receive them?

    Often, either your sending server or our receiving server will refuse to process emails with overly large attachments. To avoid this issue, we reccommend keeping attachments under 5MB in size. For files larger than this, upload them to a file transfer service, such as WeTransfer.

    Our systems can be strict about only accepting emails from certain countries, regions, and top-level domains. For example, we accept email from addresses, but not .ru, .ws, .cn, .zw, .kp and most other unusual domains. This is to protect our networks and machines from unusual, suspicious and malicious emails or attachments. Please call to let us know if you are attempting to send emails from a top-level domain outide of those commonly seen in the UK.

  • Which web browsers and versions does your website support?

    Please refer to our Web Browser Support page.

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