Heras Fencing Banners

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Product Overview

Designed to fit a standard 3.5m × 2m Heras fencing panel. At 3375mm × 1780mm, these banners will fit just inside the outer panel frame, where they can be secured with bungee ball ties.

Banners can be ordered with a 130mm angled corner, which works best for 'round top' Heras Fencing panels. Square corner versions are also available, which are equivalent to ordering via our price calculator.

Banners are printed on Mesh PVC or PVC-Free Mesh to allow airflow while maintaining great image visibility.

  • 25% Air-flow through
  • M1/B1 fire-rated to comply with UK and European fire safety standards
  • Printed with fade-proof UV-based inks

Heras Fencing Banners are most commonly used at construction sites, building developments, outdoor festivals, sporting events, music events, conventions, and other areas where crowd control is needed.

New Angled Corners

As of May 2024, our Heras Fencing Banners feature a new and improved triple-eyelet method for the angled corners. This improves their strength and longevity over the former method.

Two banners can be used on a Heras Fencing panel (front and back), but please note that there will be show-through of one graphic to the other.


Alternative Sizes and Multi-Panel Graphics

Although these banners are setup for the industry-standard size, they can be adjusted to any size required. If you would like a different size, please use our price calculator and add any notes regarding angled corners when ordering.

If you are looking to order a banner to cover multiple panels in one piece, we recommend using our price calculator and using a height of no more than 1.78m. The width should generally be no more than 20m. Please note that banners at this kind of length will usually be printed in pieces and welded together. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact us.

  • Heras Fencing Banners (Hero)
  • Heras Fencing Banners (Hero)
  • Heras Fencing Banners (Round Top Corners)
  • Heras Fencing Banners (Square Corners)
  • Heras Fencing Banners (Angled Corners Photo)
  • Heras Fencing Banners (Angled Corners Detail)
  • Heras Fencing Banners (Square Corners Photo)
  • Heras Fencing Banners (Square Corners Detail)
  • Heras Fencing Banners (Front Eyelet)
  • Heras Fencing Banners (Rear Eyelet)

Artwork Templates

Heras Fencing Banner (130mm Angled Top Corners, 3375mm x 1780mm)
Heras Fencing Banner (Square Top Corners, 3375mm x 1780mm)

These templates will help you create your design at the correct size, shape and proportion for the Heras Fencing Banners, and are setup at 20% scale of full size.


  • Instructions. Can be turned off or removed before exporting your print-ready file.
  • Areas & Marks Overlay. Must only be used as an overlay and must not contain any design elements. Must be either turned off or removed before exporting your print-ready file.
  • Design. Must be used to create and supply your design.


  • The red line is the bleed line. Artwork must extend to this line. Any space between this line and the safe area line must only be used as a quiet area.
  • The blue line is the finished line. This is the perimeter of the visible graphic area, after finishing.
  • The green line is the safe area line. Important content (text, logos etc.) must be kept within these lines.

Artwork Requirements

Artwork must be supplied:

  • At the exact size of this template
  • With all fonts outlined
  • With all images embedded
  • With all design elements on the Design layer
  • With all important content inside the safe areas
  • With background/quiet content all the way to the bleed lines
  • With none of the template guide lines included or flattened
  • With no crop marks, bleed marks, colour bars or other registration marks present
  • As either PDF (preferred), AI or EPS format
  • With exported files checked that all design elements are included
  • With artwork for all sides included

Please also refer to our full list of artwork requirements.

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